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American Nyan Cat
Head Cat
Body Hamburger/Poptart
Stream Flag
American Nyan Cat Original

American Nyan Cat Original

American Nyan Cat is a Nyan Cat. The original one with a hamburger was created by gams0000000000000001. It is a gray cat with a hamburger body and is followed by the American flag. He's also the first version flying in a city instead of space. His song is a parade-like song. The second one's body is the blue part of the American flag and he is followed by the red and white stripes. He was created by brd2887. His song is Stars and Stripes Forever. The third one is made by a unknown person. It's the American Flag as the pop-tart. His song is Stars and Stripes Forever, too. This Nyan Cat is a part of the "Around The World" series. The American nyan cats body is a burger witch makes no sense at all. There is more than one American nyan cats in YouTube.

The file used to save to "uhmurica.gif", but it now saves as "america.gif".