Brazilian Nyan Cat
Brazilian Nyan Cat 4
Head Russian Blue Cat Head
Body Cherry Poptart, Grey feet and tail
Stream Yellow and Green Rainbow
Nyan Cat Brasil or Brazilian Nyan Cat v1 is a nyan cat by luri Gomes that represents the Country of Brazil.

It flies over the city of Rio with a clear blue sunny sky whilst singing the original nyan cat theme song, trailing a yellow and green streak.

The city in the background moves as the cat flies.

Everything else on this Nyan Cat is the same as its original; the cherry poptart body, the grey fur, and the fact that it is a cat.

It even has the stars in the background visible if you look closely.

At least two or three times in the video, the nyan cat passes a flying flying black and white football.

This nyan cat also claims to be version 1 of its kind, but there is no version 2 to be found anywhere.

More Brazilian Nyan Cats can be found here: Brazilian Nyan Cats

Trivia Edit

YouTuber luri Gomes is one of, if not the first person to upload an official Brazilian Nyan Cat; the first ever one is the Nyan Cat BR (Brazilian Nyan Cat), but that one is actually based more on another meme (Hueyhuahua Laughing).

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