Breakfast Nyan Cat
Head Russian Blue Cat Head
Body Cherry Poptart
Stream Bacon
Nyan Cat - BACON EDITION! (Bacon Cat)

Nyan Cat - BACON EDITION! (Bacon Cat)

Breakfast Nyan Cat aka Bacon Nyan Cat is a variation of nyan cat that has the exact same features as the original Nyan Cat, being a Russian Blue, having a cherry poptart body, flies through space and is surrounded by popping white stars. It even has the original "Nya nya nya" song by Momo.

The only key difference is that its trail is made of bacon instead of a six color rainbow.

It appears on on the plain space background with stars, and normal music, and the title says "ZOMG!! POPTARTS AND BACON!!"


Trivia Edit

On's pick a flavor, the Breakfast cat's icon has blue eyes, but the main page's cat has white eyes.