Canadian Nyan Cat
Placeholder person
Head Russian Blue Cat Head
Body Maple Syrup Bottle, Grey feet and tail
Stream Canadian Flags
Canadian Nyan Cat (NEW AND IMPROVED)

Canadian Nyan Cat (NEW AND IMPROVED)

This page is NOT about the original version. For the original version, please see Canada Nyan Cat.

The Canadian Nyan Cat is an Around the World spoof of the Nyan Cat on YouTube.

A YouTuber called "CharlottePanicked" created a Canadian Nyan Cat, and uploaded it on the Aug 22, 2011 under the video title of "Canadian Nyan Cat (NEW AND IMPROVED)".

The nyan has a bottle of maple syrup for its body and is the same grey cat, but it flies differently, using the tail as a propeller.

It flies through pictures of Canada's tourist attractions, and has the music from the original Canada Nyan Cat as the theme song.

The trail it leaves behind as it flies is made up of Canadian Flags, having two red stripes and a middle white one, with the red maple leaf in the white stripe.

At the end of the video, the cat stops flying near a picture of a bowl of food.