This category is for every single Nyan Cat on this wiki! Find your favorite Nyan Animals in this amazing category! Nya!
Nyan cat invasion by droneguard-d3lhiv6
The subcategories separate what type of nyan there are from each other. E.g: Food from Non-Food, or Nyan Cats from other Nyan Animals.

If you're looking for a certain Nyan for example: One that appears on Nyan.Cat, look in the subcategory "Appears on Nyan.Cat".

Sort by Style is useful for those who only want nyans such as non-cats, or a different body instead of a poptart. Sort by Music is good for finding a nyan that has anything but the original song or in case you only want nyans with the original song. Sort by Theme is for nyans that are based on a certain type of thing, such as Countries, Memes, Video Games etc.

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