Spoofs are Nyans that are either made by other people or even in some rare casesm not nyans at all. 

Most of these are usually pictures laid on top of of the original Nyan Cat., or remodeled sprites. 

Obviously, the original nyan cat's not going to be here, because it is NOT a spoof. Also, any nyan cat spoofs officially made by the original creator is not going on here (Fiesta Dog, Melon Bird etc.). 

Examples of spoofs are as follows:

Pasted images such as

- Nyan Llamas (which are slapped over the original gif)

- Nyan Nya (Orange which replaces the cat's sprite)

Completely different Nyan Cat sprites, such as

- Nyan Cat BR

- Toast Cat

3D Images such as

- Nyan Fart (which is an animated cartoon)

- Nyan Waits (Uses different graphics altogether)

Altered versions of the original nyan cat such as:

- Nyan Grumpy Cat

- Nyan Gameboy Cat

Here are some examples of spoof categories:

- Nyan Cats relating to video games

- Meme-Based Nyan Cats

- Nyan Cats that represent different countries

- Nyan Cat but with distortion effects (such as being reversed, or has a ripple effect)

- Some of Nyan.Cat's different flavors (excluding the original and any others made by prguitarman)

The subcategories from the main page are not being used here, as they contain officials as well as the spoofs.

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