Chicken Quick/Nyan Chicken
Placeholder person
Head White Chicken Head
Body Chicken Drumstick
Stream Salmon Pink and White
Chicken Quick - Nyan Chicken aka Nyan Chicken or Chicken Quick is a spoof of Nyan Cat that can be seen on YouTube.

Created by YouTuber "EpicChickenProject" aka "New Video Once Every 2 Weeks", the video was uploaded on Aug 25, 2011 under the video title of "Chicken Quick - Nyan Chicken".

The nyan is not based much on the original sprite, the head being a pixel art white chicken's head with a chicken drumstick for the body.

The rainbow streak trail that it makes is a salmon pink and white six color rainbow, and it flies through the original space background that is blue with exploding stars.

It also flies to a short 8-bit melody instead of the original theme.

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