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A long time ago, before the existence of nyan cat, a deity known as the Chocolate Dog existed.

For a body, it had a Hershey's chocolate bar. It was an unknown breed of dog, rumored to have chocolate brown fur that glistened in the endless starlight of space. It always had a gleeful expression on its face, its pink tongue flopping out wildly to the side of its mouth as it traveled with hyper sonic speeds throughout space.

But, as it was a deity, it's job was to create. When the cycle of its long lived godhood came to a slow close, it used the last of its power to create nyan cat, and the other races and spinoffs of nyan cat as well. Not many know the legend of Chocolate Dog.

It was said that the power of Chocolate dog could recreate entire universes, multiverses even. It could turn planets into chocolate and defeat any foe, it was too powerful for its own good, and the elder council of other dogs decided to end this godhood, destroying themselves and the Chocolate dog.

Nowadays, there are still worshipers of the ancient Chocolate dog, and they use elaborate spells and chants in order to invoke its power, and feel what the Chocolate dog must have felt during its long existence. The chant goes like this.

"O, Chocolate Dog, we beg you to unfold in front of us, and show us your undying and beautiful power."

Chocolate Dog may be gone, a legend lost in time, but some remember. Some remember the legacy he had left.

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Nyan chocolate dog

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