Daft Punk Nyan Cat
Head Guy Helmet
Body Cherry Poptart (Pink with Dark Pink Sprinkles). Gray feet and tail
Stream Original Rainbow
Technologic Nyan Cat

Technologic Nyan Cat

Daft Punk Nyan Cat aka Daft or the original name, Technologic Nyan Cat is a spoof of Nyan Cat that can be found on both YouTube and Nyan.Cat.

History Edit

It was created by YouTuber "Mochnács Mihály" and was uploaded on Jul 5, 2011.

Appearance Edit

Because it is based of the band "Daft Punk", the cat wears an odd helmet over the head.

Everything else which is the cherry poptart, the grey fur, the six colored rainbow trail and the space background with exploding stars are the same.

Music Edit

The song that it flies to is a mashup of "The Icarus Kid - Nyan Cat (Rainbow Poptart Remix)" and Daft Punk's 'Technologic'.

Page on Nyan.Cat (History) Edit

Later, Chris Torres liked this cat and put it on the website.

On the version, the helmet is more vivid in color and the brass colored metal was recolored into grey. The animation for the helmet head is also slightly incorrect. The page uses the looped version of the remixed song, the rainbow exploding stars and background all stay the same.

The looped version of the song
Technologic Nyan Cat (Looped Version)

Technologic Nyan Cat (Looped Version)

The three options above highlight pink and the title of the page says "NON-STOP NYAN CAT".

Sadly, the cat is one of the Nyans on that has not had the glitch where the nyan is detached from the rainbow fixed. The music does loop non-stop though.

The "Pick a Flavor" preview icon saves under the name "daft.gif" and the main page's animated picture also saves as "daft.gif".

Instrumental Version (Nyan Cat - Rainbow Poptart Remix)
Nyan Cat (Rainbow Poptart Remix) by The Icarus Kid

Nyan Cat (Rainbow Poptart Remix) by The Icarus Kid

In late 2013,'s Daft Punk Nyan Cat page became broken and would not load. The preview icon was also taken off of the "Pick a Flavor" bar. Many became upset about this, which led to attempting to fix it.

Eventually, in mid 2014. they brought it back on the website. It can still be seen today, although the detached rainbow glitch still remains. But the musics are cool and awesome At the same time.

Trivia Edit

  • In 2013, the's Daft Punk Nyan Cat page went down. This issue was fixed during mid 2014.
  • Daft Punk Nyan Cat is one of the only nyan cats to feature a remix of a remix of the original Nyan Cat theme.
  • According to some, Little Kitty, the glitchy Russian Blue kitten that lead to MissingNyan's page and lived on Gameboy Cat's page appeared on Daft Punk's page, giving this nyan the nickname "MissingNyan B".