Deoxys Nyan Cat
Deoxys nyan cat
Head Red and Blue Head, Whiskers, Deoxys' Eyes
Body Red Poptart with Blue Sprinkles, Red feet, Blue tail
Stream Original Rainbow
The Deoxys Nyan Cat is a Nyan Cat Spoof that could be found on YouTube.

Its appearance is based on the Pokémon Deoxys.

The head is still cat-like but with red and blue fur on it. The body is a red poptart with blue sprinkles, the feet are red, the tail is blue and the stream is the original six colored rainbow.

The Deoxys Nyan Cat also has navy blue whiskers and strange, slanted eyes.

It flew to the original Nyan Cat theme and was based off the original Nyan Cat sprite.

Sadly, the video no longer can be found on YouTube, and there are no re-uploads ether, so this nyan is gone forever.

Searching for it presently only brings up strange theories for "Why Deoxys should be a Fairy Type" and "Nyan Cat Vs. Deoxys" etc.

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