Donut Cat
Placeholder person
Head Nyan Cat's Head
Body Dark Brown Donut with Green, Purple and Red Sprinkles, Grey feet and tail
Stream None
Donut cat (Before he got fat)

Donut cat (Before he got fat)

Donut Cat is one of the many spoofs of nyan cat found on YouTube. Not to be confused with the other Donut Cat.

It was created by YouTuber Domiscius on the Apr 28, 2011 under the title of "Donut cat (Before he got fat)". The Donut Cat he is referring to is the stolen verisons of Donut Pusheen, who got re-titled as a "fat nyan cat" by many video thieves. However, this cat doesn't in any way resemble that said nyan...

The cat's fur is grey, and still has the original tail and feet, the tail itself moves differently.

The donut is dark brown and has green, purple and red sprinkles all over it. The donut does not move at all, and the background's stars do not move left, making the cat look like it is hanging from the donut. The stars themselves only animate in one place and explode slowly. There is also no rainbow for this cat, as this nyan cat's creator claims that he/she "couldn't be bother to make one".

The background is also a brighter blue than the original nyan cat video.

The music on the video is a song that was composed in Musicshake.

Since the video is only 10 seconds long, it has to be looped with the right click video options menu. This makes a good challenge however, as the music can get old easily.

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