This page contains Nyan Cat related Easter Eggs and Cameos.

Remember, they can be from all over, such as in a video game, animation or website!

Easter Eggs Edit

The website Nyan.Cat has a few Easter Eggs:

"Lower Volume" only does the opposite of what it says, and then makes the background flash many colors when the music gets to maximum volume.

Type up the Konami Code to make small nyan cats spawn.

Gameboy Cat had a small glitchy Russian Blue cat, which if clicked on, would load a hidden Nyan Cat known as MissingNyan, complete with the Lavender Town music. Sadly, it is gone, but loading a 404 link to Nyan.Cat brings up the Missingnyan.

YouTube had a nyan cat for Geek Week as the official Nyan Cat video's progress bar. Even the red part has been replaced with a rainbow. Sadly, this has gone.

Cameos Edit

In Gary's Mod, there is a mod which will add a Nyan Cat Gun to the weapon inventory. As expected, it fires Nyan Cat bullets complete with their own song.

Grumpy Nyan Cat on her own animated video kills Nyan Cat in his dream with his laser eyes.

After YouTuber Leurak's homemade MEMZ trojan has been activated, it kills the PC and replaces the OS with an animated DOS Nyan Cat. Danooct1 and Joel from Vinesauce soon found this out.

Installing the modulemanager mod on Kerbal Space Program and going to load up 64x adds a nyan cat cameo to the game in secret.

Google+ added a hidden Nyan Cat emoticon in 2011.

Android Tablets had a Nyan Cat easter egg, where there were Nyandroids flying across the screen on a starry background on Android 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich if you hold down on the Android wearing an Ice Cream Sandwich on the Version Screen.

Typing the Konami Code on UK makes the Nyan Cat fly across your screen.

An episode of Adventure Time references Nyan Cat; Finn and Jake end up riding a giant ginger and white cat that pukes rainbows and flies backwards.

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