Easter Nyan Bunny
Nyan-Ster Bunny
Head Grey Rabbit Head, Pink Nose, Flappy Ears, Blue Eyes
Body Easter Egg, Grey feet and rabbit tail
Stream Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue and Purple Rainbow
Nyan Cat original

Nyan Cat original

 Easter Nyan Bunny aka Nyan-Ster Bunny is a spoof of Nyan Cat created by prguitarman, the official creator of Nyan Cat.

 It is the original Nyan Cat sprite that has been altered to look more like an Easter Bunny.

 It is a grey rabbit with ears that flap as the nyan flies. It also has a pink rabbit nose, blue eyes, a rabbit's tail, and has a wrapped chocolate Easter Egg for a body instead of a poptart.

 Nyan Easter Bunny's rainbow streak trail is Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue and Purple, most of them being the same color as the Easter Egg body.

 The bunny also flies through a vivid pink background, with the page title saying "Easter Nyan Bunny" and the options highlight in a light pink.

 The "Pick a Flavor" menu preview icon saves under the name "easter.gif" and the page's animation also saves as "easter.gif".

 It flies to the original Nyan cat song, and appears on the main page every time it is Easter.

 It appears on the website.  

The page can be found on here!

Trivia Edit

  • The Nyan-Ster Bunny appears on the Main Page every time it is Easter.