Elevator Nyan Cat
Head Normal
Body PopTart
Stream Rainbow
The Elevator Nyan Cat is one of the many spoofs of Nyan Cat featured on Nyan.Cat ( 

The nyan is unchanged, still being the original nyan cat, but with a twist; it is in an elevator and the elevator is going up as it is followed by a rainbow trail.  

The music is an elevator music version of the original song, being slow and even having a distortion effect on it to make it sound tinny and appear to be coming from a small speaker.  

Unlike most other nyans, it is not smiling, but simply has a basic face, without any visible expression, even though in the "Pick a flavor "Menu, he is smiling. The elevator, according to the buttons on the picture has fourteen floors. 

This nyan cat's gif picture is so tall, that it takes up most of the's page, making it the tallest nyan cat gif image in existence. 

The animation is also different; the rainbow itself is part of the gif image (the others are flash animation) and the tail moves in reverse compared to the original nyan cat. 

Trivia Edit

Unlike other nyan cat flavors, the rainbow is part of the gif

This is the only nyan cat on that does not fly

This is an official Nyan Cat spoof made by Chris Torres and

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