Fiesta Spider
Head Spider Head, Wears a Sombrero
Body Six Visible Black Legs
Stream None
Fiesta Spider

Fiesta Spider

Fiesta Spider is a brown 8-bit spider that comes down from a web and wears a sombrero.

The sprite of Fiesta Spider was created non other by prguitarman, the official creator of the original Nyan Cat sprite.

 Unlike most nyan animals, it does not fly in space, trail a rainbow or have any fitting music, such as Mexican Music. Instead, the music Fiesta Spider falls to is Bancast Intro Extended by Super Psyguy.

 As the spider falls, the background is blurred, only having blurry streaks of green, grey and blue visible.

 Fiesta Spider is not available on; it can only be found on Youtube.     

Trivia Edit

  • The Spider's sombrero is similar to the one the website's version of Mexican Nyan Cat wears.
  • Fiesta Spider's sprite was created by prguitarman, the original creator of the Nyan Cat's sprite. It was also made alongside the 8-bit Fail Whale.