German Nyan Cat
Placeholder person
Head Russian Blue Cat Head
Body Brown Suitcase, Grey feet and tail
Stream Black, Red and Yellow Rainbow
This page is about the Original Version. For the version wearing green clothes and holding beer, please see German Nyan Cat (PyroWolfMedia)

The German Nyan Cat is a spoof found on YouTube of Nyan Cat that is part of the Nyan Country Family.

The body of this nyan cat is a brown suitcase and is flying through Space and has a black, red and yellow rainbow behind it that resembles the flag of Germany. The rest of the cat stays them same.

The song that plays as it flies is a midi file of Nena's 99 Luftballoons (99 Red Balloons).

At 1:49 into the video, the cat will fly past a floating white roofless German car.

Sadly, the original video does not exist anymore, but many re-uploads and the old stolen videos can be found scattered all over YouTube.

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