German Nyan Cat
Head Russian Blue Cat Head, Green Hat
Body Green and White clothing, holding jug of frothy beer, grey feet and tail
Stream Black, Red and Yellow
German Nyan Cat is a spoof of Nyan Cat found on YouTube and is a member of the Country Nyan Cats Collection. This version of Nyan Cat is based around the Country of Germany.

PyroWolfMedia made this version of the German Nyan Cat, and uploaded it on Jul 12, 2011 under the title "German Nyan Cat (unique)".

The German Nyan cat in this version wears a green hat with a green feather in it and also has green and white clothing instead of a poptart, but the cat keeps the original grey fur.

The rainbow streak trail it creates while flying is Black, Red and Yellow, resembling the flag of Germany. The rainbow itself is unique, as it is only a three color one.

It also carries a jug of beer in the left paw. As the cat flies, the beer inside the jug swills around and the bubbles from the froth on the top of the beer float off the top.

The cat is also flying above a German city, with two animated seagulls flying above in the top right corner.

The song the cat flies to is the normal nyan cat theme song.

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