'Grandpa Ginger Salt', 'Grandpa Ginger Sodium (Chloride)' for longer and 'Grandpa Orange/Ginger/Citrine NaCl' for more scientific, or '(G)GS' is known for Mrs. Nyan Cat's grandfather. Edit

The creator of Grandpa's name is unknown but there's quite a lot known for him. It started when he thought about a special cat with a spice instead of food.He chose salt for the spice (probably because it was his favourite/favorite). He chose a orange tabby for the cat. It was special so what should he do is make him smart. The creator made the cat old and wise; he added white hair and then he decide about the name.

He left the job to his smart sister. Of course it had to include 'grandpa' and 'salt' in it. It clearly turned out to be Grandpa Ginger Salt.

Appearance Edit

A orange tabby cat with a salt for a body. Has white hair over and under ears, under the cheeks and on. Has a beard with shape of a mouse head. Nearly-black gray shade line on forehead and tail; fancy paws. SALT BODY: Black for outline of cube or square; White, with black boomerang shapes placed randomly around/on the salt for bumps.

Stream Edit

Orange is the whole color. With pretzels on top and bottom side. Grains of salt fly every where on the one-colored rainbow.

Trivia Edit

  • Grandpa Ginger Salt's full name is 'Grandfather ''Papa'' Nicholas Orange Ginger Citrine Sodium Chloride Dave Nyan(e)s'.
  • He is one of the most powerful Nyans since he is a spice and not a food.
  • He is Mrs. Nyan Cat's Grandfather.
  • The reason how it happens since GGS. is a orange tabby and Mrs. NC. is a russian blue, it happens by breeding different breeds and bio-mutation.
  • The name of the creator is unknown.
  • DID YOU KNOW? Grandpa Ginger Salt has 'cousins' based on other spices. They include chili (pepper), pepper, red pepper, ginger, garlic spice, sugar and vanilla.