Grumpy Cat Destroys the World is YouTube video created by "Simon Johnson", featuring Grumpy Cat as a nyan. The video was uploaded Dec 20, 2012.

The video is set around the New Year 2013, where Grumpy Cat watching the news is disappointed that the World has not ended and is made even more angrier when Twilight comes on the TV to celebrate it. Angrily, the cat presses the TV self-destruction button to blow it up and goes to sleep.

With evil thoughts in the cat's head, the grumpy feline falls asleep and dreams about being a nyan, who is set on changing history, destroying anything that gets in the way.

This includes killing Nyan Cat with lazer eyes, blowing up Space Invader aliens with rapid fire lazer eyes, missiles a ship from Star Trek, destroys Dark Side ships with "shoop da whoop", redirects the Death Star lazer to to blow itself up, time travels with Dr. Who's tardis to the time of the Mayans, invents the Mayan calendar with the end of the world showing an angry poptart cat, travels to December 21 2012, bombs the tardis, eats Pluto, takes a rainbow dump, destroys a time traveling ship with physic eyes and then gets into a Pokemon battle with a "Wild Earth".

Earth uses Attract, and slightly effects Grumpy, but it is not enough to stop the cat.

Grumpy then uses the move Prophecy, and Earth begins to panic. Then Grumpy uses a rainbow beam (like Nyan Cat's) and blows up Earth.

The cat then wakes up and angrily realizes that the end of the World the cat created never happened.

After this video was created, "Simon Johnson" then made a highlight video called "Nyan Grumpy Cat [Original]", where it is just Grumpy Cat killing Nyan Cat on a loop. Design Edit

Chris Torres then featured this version of the angry feline on, but the design is completely different: The cat is an 8-bit pixel art animation with less detail, the ears and tail are brown instead of grey, the face markings are slightly different and the eyes never turn red and are blue all the time. The cat's mouth is different from most other nyans, and the cat has eyebrows like Rasta Cat's.


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