Nyan Grumpy Cat
Head Grumpy Cat's Head
Body Strawberry Poptart, White Feet, Brown Tail
Stream Original Nyan Cat Rainbow
Music None
Grumpy Nyan Cat is a Nyan Cat found on the website.

It is based off of another famous YouTube cat named Grumpy Cat.

It has the face of Grumpy Cat, having blue eyes. The cat's mouth is different from most other nyans, and the cat has eyebrows like Rasta Cat's. The original pink cheeks remain.

Its body is a strawberry poptart and the tail and feet are the same color as Grumpy cat's. The ears and eye "mask" markings are a paler brown than the tail.

The page title says "NON-STOP GRUMPY NYAN CAT!" and the options highlight in pink.

The main animated picture saves as "grumpy.gif", and the preview icon on the "Pick a Flavor" menu saves as "grumpy.gif".

On the page, the music was supposedly a slowed down version of the Nyan Cat Theme, but it plays nothing presently on Nyan,cat, possibly due to a programming glitch. The music also cannot be found on YouTube, or on (Wayback Machine).

Sadly, the Nyan Grumpy Cat has been effected by the detached rainbow glitch, but not too badly, and the title is stuck saying that it is the Nyan Cat.

The original Nyan Grumpy Cat first officially appeared on a video titled "Grumpy Cat Destroys the World", where Grumpy dreams about turning into a Nyan, killing Nyan Cat, destroying famous Sci-Fi ships, altering Mayan history with Doctor Who's Tardis, and then, destroying the world itself in a very one-sided Pokemon RPG battle. The cat soon becomes angry after finding out that it is a dream and the cat's eyes turn red in fury. The original design on looks different from that of's:

The cat is not 8-bit pixel art and has more detail, with the ears and tail being the same color of grey, the face markings are slightly different and the blue eyes can turn red and fire lazers. The cat's mouth is different too.

Trivia Edit

  • Grumpy Cat's page lacks music due to a programming glitch. The Manyan Cat has the same bug.

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