Head cake
Body Taco
Stream Green, White and Red

Mexican Nyan Cat, aka Mexinyan or Taco Cat, is a Nyan Cat spoof It was created by YouTuber "RigelOD" aka "RigelWolt" on Newsground.

The cat is the same Russian Blue Cat, but has a taco for a body, has a mustache, wears a grey Mexican Corn Chip sombrero with a red, white and green stripe, and has a three color rainbow streak trail of Green, White and Red, which are Mexican flag colors.

The cat is also flying through a Mexican desert, full of cacti and a large yellow sun in the top right corner. The sky is also a sunset color.

The song the cat flies to is "El Mariachi Loco", a Mexican song, but it is sped up and higher in pitch.

Sadly, the original video was taken down due to YouTube forcing him to close his account due to "violations", but the original version can still be found on DeviantArt under his account "RigelWolt".

Another version exists that was made by YouTuber "MrCrackersncheese", where the El Mariachi Loco music is the original speed and is higher in quality.

The Alternative Slower Version by MrCrackersncheese
Chris Torres soon saw this nyan cat spoof and featured it on Nyan.Cat, using the original fast paced El Mariachi Loco song, but making an entirely new sprite:

The newer version of the sprite featured a smaller and much more detailed 8-bti taco, the hat is now brown instead of grey and has a wavy pattern instead of stripes, the mustache is smaller, and the tail and feet are animated to be the same as most other nyans on the website.

The rainbow trail was also altered, being the same three colored rainbow with Green, White and Red, but is darker in color.

The page's title says "NON-STOP MEXINYAN!" and the three options below highlight in pink.

The page's animated picture saves as "mexinyan.gif" and the preview icon on the "Pick a Flavor" bar saves under "mexinyan.gif".


The word Taco Cat cannot be reversed.

The original video's Mexinyan Cat sprite is different compared to Nyan.Cat's.

Mexican Nyan Cat is one of the only nyans to be created on DeviantArt.



The Original Mexinyan by RigelOD


The Mexinyan as seen on Nyan.Cat