Mummy Nyan Cat
Head Mummified Cat Head
Body Bandage-wrapped Pop Tart
Stream Original Rainbow
Mummy Nyan Cat is a variation of Nyan Cat that can be found on, which it was created for.

It is completely wrapped in bandages to appear like a mummy, and has no fur exposed, making it hard to tell if this is a normal Nyan Cat in a costume or a real mummy nyan cat.

Its eyes are still visible and are red, and the cheeks are also visible, but are in a dark shade of pink.

It flies through an orange backdrop with exploding stars, the orange suggesting that it is NOT flying through Space.

The rainbow streak trail is the original six color rainbow and the theme that the Nyan Mummy Cat flies to is the original "nya nya" song by Momo.

Mummy Nyan Cat, along with Zombie Nyan Cat and Pumpkin Nyan Cat, was made to celebrate Halloween 2013, and all three were posted on at the same time, each taking it in turns to appear as October's days pass by.

The page can be found here: Nyan!

Trivia Edit

It is not known if this is a dead nyan cat or a normal Nyan Cat in a mummy's costume. It could even be Tac Nayn in a Costume!

The Mummy Cat appears on Nyan.Cat as the main page's cat every October, taking turns with the Pumpkin Nyan Cat and the Zombie Nyan Cat as the month passes by.

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