Head Russian Blue Cat Head, Ninja Hood
Body Black Ninja Gi, White Belt, Holding Kitana in paw
Stream Original Rainbow

The Ninja Nyan Cat is one of the many spoofs of Nyan Cat. He was created by YouTuber PlanB4441. He has a black ninja mask with only his eyes showing,black ninja boots and has the ninja suit covering his tail. He also has a sword which is kept on his Pop Tart. The song is the same as the original Nyan Cat only sped up a little. He also has the same rainbow trail as Nyan Cat. The second version is called "Nyanja" (A cross between "Ninja" and "Nyan"). It was created by DutchXLZ. He has a full ninja suit with a black mask very similiar to the first Ninja Nyan Cat only with a bigger opening for his eyes. He has a light black/dark grey suit for his body and a sword which he holds in his paw. He also has a white belt. He is flying in space but unlike the original Nyan Cat, throwing stars are being thown at him. This one apears on under the name Nyaninja.

Nyan 2

The first version