Nyan Cat - Brasil
Brazil Nyan Cat
Head Russian Blue Cat Head
Body Rectangular Football
Stream Original Rainbow
Nyan Cat - Brasil is a nyan cat that can be found on YouTube that represents the Country of Brazil.

 The video was then stolen and re-uploaded by 3lesch7 and on Jan 7, 2013.

 Sadly, the stolen one is the only one that can be watched as the original has been taken down.

It has the city of Rio cartoon from luri Gomes' Brazilian Nyan Cat pasted on, but has had the Rio's famous Christ the Redeemer added on. The city moves as the cat flies at a fast speed.

The Brasil Nyan Cat has a rectangular shaped football for the body instead of a poptart, but that is the ONLY changed feature on this Nyan; it still has the original Russian Blue cat face, head and tail and has the exact same rainbow streak.

The song it flies to is a fast paced high energy Brazilian song.

More Brazilian Nyan Cats can be found here: Brazilian Nyan Cats

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