Nyan CatEdit

Nyan Cat, our Pop Tart buddy! He has a rainbow trail and a strawberry Pop Tart body, and a Russian Blue head. Backwards: Nyan Cat = Tac Nayn, He is like so cute.

Gender: Boy

Nyan cat is a boy, not a girl. I think.
Nyan Cat 1

Nyan Cat

Tac Nayn Edit

This Variation is meant to be the evil side of nyan cat, as his name is just "nyan cat" spelt backwards. He has a waffle for his body and has a grey trail. Tac Nayn is pretty cute too!


Tac Nayn

Mexinyan Cat Edit


Mexican Nyan Cat

Mexinyan Cat is a N Cat with a taco body and a sombrero. Please visit the Mexican Nyan Cat page for more information.

Smurf Nyan CatEdit

The Smurf Nyan Cat is a Nyan Cat with a smurf hat. He also sings the Smurf song "La la la la la" instead of "Nyan".
Smurf Cat

Smurf Nyan Cat

Please visit the Smurf Nyan Cat page for more information. Smurf + Nyan Cat= Smurf Nyan Cat.

Donut Pusheen Edit


Donut Pusheen

Donut Pusheen is a variation of Nyan Cat with a donut body and a pink,yellow and blue trail. Please visit the Donut Pusheen page for more information.

Pikachu Nyan CatEdit

Pikachu Nyan Cat

The original Pikachu Nyan Cat

The Nyan Pikachu is a Pikachu/Nyan Cat that has a rainbow trail. Please visit the Nyan Pikachu for more information about this version and the other versions.

American Nyan CatEdit

The American Nyan Cat is a Nyan Cat with a hamburger body and American flag trail. Please visit the American Nyan Cat for more information on this version and the other version.

American Nyan Cat

The fist American Nyan Cat version

Nyan Cat!