Nyan Chicken
Placeholder person
Head Yellow Chicken Head with Red and Orange Crest , Red "Mask"
Body Rectangular Yellow Feathery Body, Yellow Feet
Stream Original Rainbow
Nyan Chicken is a spoof of Nyan Cat that appears only on YouTube. It was created by a user named "GudjonDaniel" and got uploaded on Oct 4, 2012.

This nyan is a yellow chicken with a head that looks sort of like Big Bird from Sesame Street but with a red and orange crest, has an open beak. and has a red marking that looks like a mask.

It also has a rectangular shaped yellow feathery body, yellow feet and lacks a tail. The nyan chicken flies through the original Space background, the default exploding stars included, and trails the original six color rainbow.

Nyan Chicken flies to a remix of the original "Nya Nya" song, but instead, has the YouTuber's voice saying "Baka Baka Baka" and a cockerel crow.

Trivia Edit

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