Nyan Coin Cat
Head Russian Blue Cat Head, Pink Cheeks
Body Super Mario Bros Coin
Stream Original Nyan Cat Rainbow
Nyan Coin is one of the many spoofs of Nyan Cat. It is featured on

It has a Super Mario Bros gold coin for its body, and still has the original nyan cat's head, feet and tail. The cat's fur is also grey.

The music on its page is the normal nyan cat theme.

It trails the original nyan cat rainbow and flies through space, with the original blue background and white exploding stars.

Apart from the coin body, not much has changed for this type of nyan cat.

There was a website called that featured this type of nyan cat as a crytocurrency. A guide of someone using the website can be found on YouTube.

Peculiarly, it moves faster than the other nyans on the Pick a Flavor bar, but slower on its page. Weird!

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only other nyan besides Slomo Nyan Cat that has had not much change done to it.
  • One of the sounds that plays at the start of the full version of Momo's "Nya nya nya!" song, the theme for Nyan Cat, is a Mario Bros Coin.
  • There was a website called, which is a crytocurrency and used guiminer.
Video guide of someone using