Nyan Dog
Donut Dog
Head Dog Head
Body Plain Donut
Stream Original Rainbow
Nyan Cat original

Nyan Cat original

Nyan Dog aka Donut Dog is a spoof of Nyan Cat found on YouTube.

It was created by "wouterdlxlliedjesgek" and was uploaded on Apr 23, 2011 under the video title "Nyan Cat / Poptart Cat Spoof ( Nyan Dog / Donut Dog ) ORIGINAL ©".

Unfortunately, the video was stolen by another YouTuber shortly after it was uploaded on the exact same date.

The dog has a plain donut for its body, is brown with a darker patch on one eye, and flies through space whilst trailing the original six colored rainbow.

The exploding stars remain the same. The dog flies to the normal nyan cat theme.

Later on, a YouTuber called "Subscribe for Pure EPICNESS" made another version on a video titled under "NYAN DOG!"

The video shows off a counterfeit Nyan.Cat website similar to the iamunicorn website. This version of the nyan dog has artwork in the style of Toast Cat,even using its seven colored rainbow. The donut however is glazed with pink icing and has multicolored sprinkles on it. The dog still flies to the normal theme on this version.

Trivia Edit

  • Some viewers got annoyed at the fact the dog was saying "Nya" and not "Wan"
  • The video literally got stolen by another YouTuber the moment it got uploaded