Nyan Dog
Nyan Dog 1
Head Golden Retriever Dog Head
Body Chocolate Fudge Poptart, brown feet and dog tail
Stream Original Rainbow
Nyan Dog is a Nyan made by multiple YouTubers. For a list of them, please see the Nyan Dog Hubpage.

Nyan Dog is a sandy brown chocolate fudge poptart dog that was created by YouTuber "jAyMaC", who uploaded the video on Aug 5, 2011 under the video title "Nyan Dog".

This version is a sandy brown dog with long ears being blown backwards as it flies through space, has a chocolate fudge flavored poptart for its body, and as it flies, the tail never moves.

It is trailing the original rainbow and and the space background has the default exploding stars.

The music is a remix of the original Nyan Cat theme song, using music making programs "Ableton Live" and "Melodyne". The "nyas" are replaced by real dog barks from presumably his/her own dog.

The video and music itself begins with normal dog barking, before it becomes the nyan cat remix, with dog sounds.

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