The Dubstep Puffle as a Nyan Puffle

Nyan Dubstep Puffle is a Nyan Cat spoof cameo that appears in a video named "Dubstep Puffle" created by Club Penguin. "Dubstep", the black puffle who constantly wears headphones briefly appears in his own music video; he seen in a box with a Pop-Tart on it, and is flying through the Box Dimension.

After that, it continues to show other images with Dubstep Puffle.

Trivia Edit

Puffles are pets on the online game "Club Penguin" which can be purchased for 400 coins and come in 10 fur colors: blue, red, pink, black, green, yellow, purple, white, brown and orange. The 24k gold one is hard to obtain and there is also a secret rainbow one.

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