Nyan Floppy Disk Cat
Head Russian Blue Cat Head
Body Blue Floppy Disk. Gray feet and tail
Stream Original Rainbow

Nyan Floppy Disk Cat also known as Nyan Floppy Disk is a little known Nyan Cat that appeared on It was made by Chris Torres (prguitarman) himself and appeared on the 14th Aprll 2015, but NOT as an April Fools Day Joke.

This nyan cat has a blue floppy disk with a sandy brown label with two dark blue lines written on it and the metal conductor on the top is the same grey color as the nyan cat's fur.

The cat is the same, having a gray face, feet and tail, and has a normal rainbow trail coming from its floppy disk. It flies through space and flies to the normal Nyan Cat Theme. The exploding stars remain the same too.

The page title says "Non-Stop Floppy Disk Nyan" and the three options below highlight in pink. The gif image also saves under the name "Floppy.gif". The preview icon it got shortly afterwards also saves as "Floppy.gif".

It did not appear after its first appearance on the main page, but it did get its own flavor page. Sadly, due to the website breaking down shortly afterwards, this nyan got less than a month of time on, before being lost forever.

However, recently this cat has made a comeback on the website, but on a hidden url, alongside of a new Donut Pusheen page!

The Floppy Nyan Cat can be seen on with this link:

Trivia Edit

Because of its body, it is related to the Nyan Coin Cat and also suffered a fate similar to Toast Cat.

The Floppy Disk Nyan Cat is even more rare and harder to find than the long lost Toast Cat, due to popularity.

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