Nyan Mario
Head 8-bit Mario's Head
Body Red Shirt, Blue Dungarees, Original Grey Feet, Original Grey Tail
Stream Original Nyan Cat Rainbow
Nyan Mario original 10 minutes

Nyan Mario original 10 minutes

Nyan Mario is a fan-made Nyan Cat spoof.

Instead of a cat, there is an 8-Bit Mario head from the original Super Mario Bros stuck on to the original poptart sprite. the poptart has been recolored into Mario's red shirt and dungarees.

He still has the original rainbow behind him and still the original nyan cat's feet and tail, still colored their original grey fur color.

The background is level 1-1 from the Classic Super Mario Bros game.

The music is an 8-bit Mario instrument remix of the original Nyan Cat theme.

Sadly, the original video can no longer be found on YouTube, but it has been re-uploaded by other users, claiming it to be "original".

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