Nyan Nya Orange
Nyan AO
Body Princess Butterkiss, Orange, Marshmallow
Stream Original Rainbow
Nyan Nya Orange aka Nyan Annoying Orange is a Nyan Cat spoof seen on YouTube that has been created by DaneBoe (Creator of The Annoying Orange, a web series).

It has Orange and his friend Marshmallow (Both characters from the Annoying Orange) riding on Marshmallow's pet unicorn Princess Butterfly Kiss.

The song is a remix of the original Nyan Cat theme, only being sung by Annoying Orange singing "Nya nya nya".

About The Annoying OrangeEdit

The Annoying Orange is a web series created by Daneboe. He is a talking orange that annoys other foods and objects.
Annoying Orange

Orange in the Annoying Orange


Marshmallow as seen in the Annoying Orange

The VideoEdit

Nyan Nya Orange (Nyan Cat SPOOF)

Nyan Nya Orange (Nyan Cat SPOOF)

This is the official Annoying Orange Nyan Cat spoof