Nyan Nya Orange
Nyan AO
Body Princess Butterkiss, Orange, Marshmallow
Stream Original Rainbow
Nyan Nya Orange aka Nyan Annoying Orange is a Nyan Cat spoof seen on YouTube that has been created by DaneBoe (Creator of The Annoying Orange, a web series).

It has Orange and his friend Marshmallow (Both characters from the Annoying Orange) riding on Marshmallow's pet unicorn Princess Butterfly Kiss.

The song is a remix of the original Nyan Cat theme, only being sung by Annoying Orange singing "Nya nya nya".

About The Annoying OrangeEdit

The Annoying Orange is a web series created by Daneboe. He is a talking orange that annoys other foods and objects.
Annoying Orange

Orange in the Annoying Orange


Marshmallow as seen in the Annoying Orange

The VideoEdit

Nyan Nya Orange (Nyan Cat SPOOF)01:12

Nyan Nya Orange (Nyan Cat SPOOF)

This is the official Annoying Orange Nyan Cat spoof

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