Placeholder person
Head Dr. Robotnik's Head
Body Cherry Poptart (Pink with Dark Pink Sprinkles). Gray feet and tail
Stream Original Rainbow
Nyan PINGAS is one of the many nyan cat spoofs found on YouTube.

It was created by a YouTuber called "EyMeng" and was uploaded on the Apr 29, 2011.

The video is titled under the name "NYAN PINGAS (THIS VIDEO CONTAINS NYAN)" and even has the lyrics on the video's description.

It is based upon a famous internet meme, "PINGAS", a Sonic meme where Dr. Robotnik's infamous line "Snooping as usual I see!" has had the end of "snooping" and "as" taken out.

The cat itself is just the normal nyan cat, with grey fur and a cherry poptart body, flying through Space and trailing the normal rainbow, but the original nyan cat's head has been replaced by Dr. Robotnik's head.

The song that plays is a remix of the original nyan cat theme, but instead of "Nyas", the cat says "Pingas".

At around 50 seconds into the video, another smaller Dr. Robotnik head floats on to the screen, remaining there for the last 10 seconds.

Trivia Edit

  • Another version exists online, but it is poorly done and is literally just the voice clip with no song over and over again.
  • Like the Nyan Cat BR, this cat is based around a famous internet meme.