Nyan Pig
Head Cartoon Pig Head
Body Cartoon Pig Body with Nice Biscuit Wings
Stream Nyan Cat Rainbow

Nyan Pig is another one of the many spoofs of the original Nyan Cat, made by YouTuber ParkerEH and was uploaded on the 29 Oct 2011. 

This nyan spoof is a cute cartoon pig with large eyes, a pig's body, Nice Biscuit wings, and still has the default Nyan Cat tail and feet, but are pink like the rest of the pig.  

It also has the default Nyan Cat's rainbow streak trail and flies through Space. 

The music is a midi remix of the original Nyan Cat Theme, but it is slightly distorted and the "pig sounds" are just the "Gunshot" midi instrument shortened down. At some point in the song, you can hear the YouTuber talking.  


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