Nyan Sheep (not to be confused with Star Sheep) is a spoof of Nyan Cat on YouTube that was created by "MrScrubTub'" and was uploaded on Jun 1, 2011.

The nyan's video title is "Nyan Sheep (NYAN CAT SPOOF!!!!)"

Nyan Sheep, unlike other nyan animals does NOT fly through space, make any type of trails or rainbows, doesn't have its own remix nor is it based on the original sprite. Although being called "Nyan Sheep", it is not a traditional nyan creature.

The background is white, and the sheep has multicolored wool and bounces along on its tiny legs.

The music it bounces to is "My Shooter (Dub) by Groove Cutter".

Later on Sep 10, 2011, another YouTube called "Turkmenistan" re-uploaded the video with full HD quality, making the sheep's GIF image clearer.The new video also came with a new song for the Nyan Sheep. This makes Nyan Sheep more of an official nyan.

Nyan Sheep's new song uses the Minecraft sheep sound and the original song to make a new sheep remix of the Nyan Cat theme.

The new video title for the new song version is "Nyan Sheep (FULL HD REMAKE) With New sound".

Unfortunately, many other YouTube's online stole the new version and claimed it as the "[original]" version.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only nyan to not feature a background.
  • Nyan Sheep is not a traditional Nyan Animal.