Nyan Toaster Puppy
Toaster Puppy
Head Rottweiler Dog's Head
Body Silver Toaster, Brown feet and small brown tail
Stream Upside-down Original Rainbow
Toaster Puppy (not to be confused with Toaster Dog) is one of the many Nyan Cat spoofs found on YouTube. It was created by YouTuber user "horrorrx" The dog was uploaded on Jun 23, 2011 with the video title of "Nyan Cat...Meet Toaster Puppy"

The YouTuber created it stating that there was no nyan dogs, making this the first ever nyan dog.

The dog is a black and brown Rottweiler with a silver toaster as the body. It flies through the original space background with the default exploding stars, and it trails an upside down version of the original six color rainbow.

The song the dog flies to is a happy looping tune, which sounds like it came from an electric keyboard.

Sadly, other YouTubers stole the Toaster Puppy video and claimed it as their own. These clone videos can be found all over YouTube. released another toaster related dog on the earliest version of the website, named Toaster Dog.

Trivia Edit

Toaster Puppy is the first ever nyan dog to have been created.

It is unknown if Toaster Dog is supposed to be's version of Toaster Puppy.

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