Nyan Unicorn
Placeholder person
Head Green, red, yellow and light blue stripey horn, light blue eyes
Body Yellow tips on the feet to resemble hooves. white fur, blue and red patterns
Stream Original Rainbow


Nyan Unicorn is a spoof that was found on the iamunicorn website.

The I Am Unicorn website (iamunicorn) was a counterfeit website of, where two suspiciously similar types of Nyan Unicorns were available for viewing, but can now only be found on two YouTube videos by Carlos Cabada, due to his website's closure due to possible copyright claims.

Nyan Unicorn (Nyan Cat Spoof) Uploaded on Apr 24, 2011 Edit

The first video features a naked poptart cat sprite recolored white, and has had a red heart and a blue triangle put on the fur.

It has yellow tips on the feet to resemble hooves and a green, red, yellow and light blue stripey horn on the top of the head. The eyes are light blue and there are no blushing cheeks.

The pink inner ears, the waving tail etc, remain the same.

It flies to a badly looped version of the original Nyan Cat Theme Song and flies through a very laggy version of the original Space background and trails the original Nyan Cat rainbow.

NYAN UNICORN (POPTART CAT) Uploaded on Apr 25, 2011 Edit

The second version of this knockoff website's unicorn cat has the same white cat with yellow tipped feet, no cheeks, stripey green, red, yellow and light blue horn and blue eyes. The badly looped music and the laggy Space backdrop still remain.

The only difference is that this version has a poptart body; the poptart has white icing and has red, green and light blue sprinkles.

Trivia Edit

  • The markings on the first version of Nyan Unicorn look like Togepi, a pokemon.