Nyan Yoshi
Head Yoshi
Body Yoshi
Stream Lime Green, White and Crimson Red
Music Unknown
Nyanshi, also referred to as Nyan Yoshi is one of the many spoofs of Nyan Cat.

He is literally just Yoshi from the Mario series with a yellow, white and red trail coming from behind him as he flutters. He is seen flying through a stage from Yoshi's Island.

There is also Nyanshi - Gold Edition, which was made by someone called "TheAmazingSpoonGuy". This version of Nyanshi uses a completely all-new remix of the original Nyan cat theme with Yoshi sounds. Also, he flies to the left like Tac Nayn does.

Sadly, the original is nowhere to be found on YouTube anymore, and only the Gold Version exists, which makes the original music and this Nyan's origin unknown.

To find this Nyan Cat variation on YouTube, search for "Nyanshi Cat". Searching for just "Nyanshi" will give you random anime music videos.

Nyanshi - Gold Edition
Nyanshi - Gold Edition

Nyanshi - Gold Edition

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