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Optimus Prime Nyan Cat
Optimus prime nyan cat
Head Optimus Prime Cat Head
Body Truck Body
Stream Original Rainbow
Optimus Prime Nyan Cat is one of the many spoofs of Nyan Cat found on YouTube.

It is based on one of the protagonists from the Transformer Series, Optimus Prime.

The original variation uploaded by "MrBionitransXD" on the 26 Jun 2011 has the truck form of Optimus Prime, speeding through space trailing a rainbow. He flies to the original nyan cat's song and the rainbow itself is detached from the actual body.

The other version uploaded by "John Robinson" on the 30 Jun 2011 features a truck version of Optimus Prime being more based on the original nyan cat sprite. He has a truck base instead of a poptart, his face is robotic and his feet are wheels.

He also trails the normal rainbow and flies through Space filled with the usual exploding stars.

Trivia Edit

Optimus Prime Nyan Cat
Placeholder person
Head None
Body Optimus Prime as a truck
Stream Original Rainbow
  • John Robinson made many more Transformers related Nyans.

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