Planet Rainbow ​'​Planet rainbow' (or 'Planet L'arc-en-ciel') Edit

was the second planet Nyan Cat and every other of the Nyans.  It was destryed when the Troll-Faces attacked when Nyan was about to save it from Tac Nayn. It was both T9 and Comander Troll-Face 's commands. The Planet Rainbow was first featured in ​'​'Nyan Cat Lost In Space' ​when he comes up to some planets including 'Planet Cow', 'Planet Candy', 'Planet Bubble' and others. Le Planet L'arc-en-Ciel is in every world type in NC. Lost In Space. 'It was made When Planet Nyan got destroyed.


​Similar to Saturn it has its own planet, which is rainbow coloured, and has a ring, also multicoloured, almost as if some Nyans flew around the planet: (And thats what happend.)

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