Sad Nyan Cat :(
Head Sad Nyan Cat head
Body The same as the original
Stream None
Sad Nyan Cat is a nyan cat that appears on the website.

This variant of the famous poptart cat is literally just Nyan Cat being sad, The eyes are closed, the mouth is not smiling, and there is no rainbow trail. It still keeps the cherry Poptart body. The background is a very dark blue, but the stars remain the same.

The Nyan Cat being sad was created in memory of Marty, the Russian Blue cat of Chris Torres aka PRguitarman (the creator of the original poptart cat .gif) and the inspiration behind Nyan Cat.

The original version was created by YouTuber rilez, who took the original sprite, made it look sad, made it greyscale, slowed down the animation and put it on a grey pavement with a dark sky.

The music that was originally paired with the original version was "Night on the Docks - Sax" by Kevin MacLeod".

Chris Torres himself saw this and put it on, making the sprite in color again, making the mouth into a straight line, sped up the animation, put it back in space, but kept the background's color scheme and changed the music to something less sad.

The title says "Sad Nyan Cat :(" and the three options below highlight in pink.

Original Sad Nyan Cat
Sad nyan cat
Head Greyscale sad Nyan Cat head
Body Grayscale normal Nyan Cat feet and tail
Stream None

On the "Pick A Flavor" Menu on the icon of the sad nyan cat has a tear under the left eye, but this is not on the sprite when you are on the actual page. It also has a rainbow trail on the "Pick a Flavor" menu, whereas in the one on the page, there is no trail.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a glitch where a black rainbow trail appears when. OMG mode is activated via the "Lower Volume Easter Egg".
Sad Cat

A non-animated picture of the version

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