Smurf Nyan Cat
Smurf Cat
Head Russian Blue Cat Head, Smurf Hat
Body Blue Poptart with pink sprinkles
Stream Original Nyan Cat Rainbow
Smurf Nyan Cat

Smurf Nyan Cat

The Smurf Cat is a spoof version of the Nyan Cat.

It sings "La la la la la la!", the theme song of the Smurfs.

The cat wears the famous white Smurf's hat and has a blue poptart with pink sprinkles for a body.

It also is the original grey color scheme and still has pink blushy cheeks.

The cat trails the normal rainbow and flies in Space, past the default exploding stars like the original Nyan Cat does.

The page's title says "Non-Stop Smurf Cat" and the options below it highlight in pink.

The animated picture saves under the name "Smurf.gif" and the small icon on the "Pick a Flavor" menu saved under "Smurf.gif" too.

The Smurf Nyan Cat appeared on the website as a flavor.

Sadly, it was pulled from NYAN.CAT for copyright reasons. lose Smurf Nyan Cat Edit

A YouTuber made the Smurf cat originally, but it soon got pulled for copyright reasons, which forced to take it down from their site too, before they could get sued.

However, oddly enough in 2016, typing in Smurf.php after the brings you to the former Smurf nyan cat, which has replaced with a placeholder Jazz Cat. It could've been possible that they were trying to bring it back on .

Sadly, it was erased altogether from the site in late 2016, where typing it in now brings you back to the main page.

The only way that the Nyan Smurf Cat can be found on, is on (Wayback Machine) back in late 2012.

Presently, typing in Smurf in the url will just bring you back to the main page.

Here is a link to get to this nyan cat on (Wayback Machine): https://

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that this nyan cat was made to celebrate the Smurf Film's release.