Tac Dog is one of the many spoofs of Nyan Cat.

Appearance Edit

Tac Dog is a yellow dog. Its body is a chocolate donut. Its ears are tan and it has a tan spot on its left eye. It has no trail. It's backdrop and stars are original.

Music Edit

Tac Dog's music is the Nyan Cat song reversed. This is the same music as Tac Nayn's music.

History Edit

Tac Dog originated from Cardwellkatie91 (zippee100)'s Nyan Showcase project on Scratch (coding website). He forgot you could switch between vector and bitmap so the animation is a little messed up, but he will soon get a trail and Dog Skulls when Zippee has time.

Creator's Description Edit

"Tac Dog and Nyan Dog are enemies. Tac Dog acts like Tac Nayn but a dog!"

Trivia Edit

  • Tac Dog uses the same music as Tac Nayn but looks more similar to Nyan Dog (Donut Dog). The name is a mix of both of their names.