Tac Nayn
Head Black Cat Head, Red Eyes, Fangs, Pink Cheeks, Angry Eyebrows
Body Belgium Waffle
Stream Grayscale Rainbow

Tac Nayn small 2 Tac Nayn, also known as T.9 or sometimes Waffle Cat, is the the supposed evil twin of Nyan Cat.

The original was created by YouTuber "Mae Mays", who reversed the nyan cat theme song and made the cat's sprite look scary, and gave it a waffle for a body instead of a poptart, made the background red and changed the exploding stars into floating skulls.


Tac Nayn is a black-furred cat with a Belgium Waffle body, and the rainbow trail is grayscale, making it colored in all different shades of gray and has been flipped upside-down.  

The cat's eyes are a glowing red color, and has dark red angry eyebrows and a white frown that looks like sharp teeth, but keeps Nyan Cat's pink cheeks (in a darker shade).  

Tac Nayn is Nyan Cat spelled backwards, and the nyan's signature music is the original Nyan Cat theme, but reversed.  

Tac Nayn's background is red with floating skulls, contrasting Nyan Cat's blue with exploding stars.  


Tac Nayn started off as a spoof video, where the Nyan Cat theme song is reversed, along with the cat facing the opposing direction.

Due to how Tac Nayn looks, many assumed the cat to be evil, but the original video does not state that Waflle Cat/Tac Nayn is or not.

The waffle cat then later appears on the Nyan.Cat website, where the cat earns the nickname "The Eater of Souls".

Nyan Cat Tac Nayn

A comparison of Nyan Cat and Tac Nayn

Nyan.Cat Edit

Tac Nyan appears on the Nyan.Cat website, where non-stop nyan cat themes can be listened to on a loop with that chosen theme of nyan's animated picture on screen.

On Tac Nayn's page, a fully animated sprite of the infamous waffle cat is present along with the floating skulls, greyscale rainbow and crimson red background.

The title of the page says "TAC NAYN! EATER OF SOULS!" and the three options highlight in pink. The main animated cat saves as "tacnayn.gif" and the preview icon on the "Pick a Flavor" menu saves under the name "tacnayn.gif".

Surprisingly, the greyscale rainbow on the preview icon is incorrect, all the greys being in the wrong order due to not turning the rainbow upside-down. The cat on the icon is also facing right like the others, although this may have been done on purpose to help people choose a nyan without getting confused.

The music playing on the page is a looping version of Tac Nayn's theme.

On the beta version of the redesign website (known as, after the Toast Cat was taken down, Tac Nayn flew to the right like most other nyan animals, and the skulls floated to the left instead of the right.

In the final version, Tac Nayn was fixed and flew left and had the skulls floating right.

But, due to the website breaking down in early 2014, and when the site got fixed, Tac Nayn became glitched and is still facing left, but has the greyscale rainbow coming out of the face and the skulls are back to flying left again.

Presently, Tac Nayn's page is still glitched.

Tac Nayn in Fan Fiction Edit

Personality Edit

Tac Nayn in fandom usually has a role of being evil in many videos, and because of this, did not have a lover like Nyan Cat did in "Nyan Cat Falls in Love", as it is proven why in the sequel; Tac Nayn was very evil and a murderer in that video.

Here are the many roles of Tac Nayn in fandom:

Nyan Cat Story Edit

Tac Nayn is always the one to turn the Nyan Cat back into a normal Russian Blue Cat.

Nyan Cat Story

A Russian Blue Cat becomes Nyan Cat, before being forcefully turned back by Tac Nayn

Nyan Battle! Nyan Cat Vs Tac Nayn (Spoilers!) Edit

In this video, Tac Nayn, also known in this video as T.9 was sent to take over planet Earth for said cat's race of presumably the rest of the Tac Nayn species.

Tac Nayn started this off by attacking and injuring Donut Pusheen to try and clear the path for this task. Nyan Cat was not happy with this and began to defend the Donut Cat. Tac Nayn then gave the option for Nyan Cat to leave to finish this, in which Nyan Cat refuses, forcing a battle to infuse. Tac Nayn nearly had Nyan Cat down, yet Nyan Cat suddenly got the upper hand with the Nyan ability, Rainbow Rage.
Donut Pusheen's grave

Tac Nayn killed Donut Pusheen

Severely angered from this, Tac Nayn snapped, began to use the Nayn ability, Burning Rage and abandoned the mission to over take the planet and blow it up instead, upsetting the other Tac Nayns.

The waffle cat shoots multiple grey streaks into Earth in which one hit Nyan Cat. Tac Nayn almost finishes Nyan Cat off but Donut Pusheen covers the attack, which kills her. Angered by this, Nyan Cat uses its Light Form, a "White Nyan" with what appears to be wings and charges a dark blue ball of energy which blasts Tac Nayn back into the Tacs' ship and blowing it up, along with the rest of the Nayns, presumably killing them all and driving them extinct.

Nyan Cat Games Edit


Nyan Cat and Tac Nayn as playable characters in Nyan Cat: Lost in Space (Notice how Tac Nayn's sprite and rainbow are wrong)

Screen322x572 (1)

Tac Nayn as a playable character in a Flappy Nyan Cat (Note that Tac Nayn's sprite is incorrect)

Powers/Abilities Edit

Dark Breath

Tail Pound

Razor Claws



Burning Rage

Rapid Fire Greyscale Beam (When using Burning Rage)

Fatal Greyscale Beam (When using Burning Rage) (Instantly kills foes)

Tac Nayn Power

Can throw a giant deadly snowflake shuriken/ninja star at high speed

Donut Pusheen hit by Tac Nayn

Can charge at enemies as a shadow fireball

Donut Pusheen hit to death by Tac Nayn, to cover Nyan Cat

The ability to shoot a greyscale beam at foes

Nyan Cat Falls in Love Again 31.

Can possess other nyan cats

Tac nayn demolition nayn

Has laser eyes that can instantly destroy anything with one touch

Trivia Edit

  • Like Nyan Cat, it is unknown what gender Tac Nayn is.
  • Due to how Tac Nayn looks, many assumed the cat to be evil, but the original video does not state that Waflle Cat/Tac Nayn is or not.
  • Despite the hatred Tac recived from fans who watched "NYAN BATTLE" and "Nyan Cat Falls in Love Again", Tac Nayn still has a fan base.
  • It is rumored that Tac Nayn was the one who fired the comet or even was the comet that hit Mrs. Nyan Cat. It was also rumored that Tac Nayn was aiming for Nyan Cat, not Mrs. Nyan Cat.
  • Tac Nayn in some fan bases, has an even more smarter and more evil sister named T.9 (Tac-Nine).
  • On, Tac Nayn earned the nickname "The Eater of Souls".
  • There is a bug currently on that makes the greyscale rainbow appear in Tac Nayn's face and the skulls fly and float the wrong way.
  • The early redesign version of had Tac Nayn facing right instead of left.
  • Two or three different Nyan Cat games have the wrong Tac Nayn sprite or use the wrong rainbow.
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