Tac nayn demolition nayn
Tac Nayn: Demolition Nayn is a game by MyLostGames about the dark side of the cute Nyan Cat. Run through the space and jump from platform to platform as you kill all cats and dogs. Tac Nayn = Nyan Cat Nemesis!

You are controlling Tac Nayn who is one of the most evil creature of the whole universe! Destroy all of the cute enemies, collect weapons, powerups. Good luck!

The game is also available on the iPhone App Store.


  • Dog with hotdog body
  • Dog with cheese body
  • Cat with cake body
  • Cat with pie body


  • Space to jump
  • Click to shoot

Sushi FighterEdit


There is a version of this game where Tac Nayn is replaced with Sushicat and the food is sushi-like.



Sushi FighterEdit

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