Tac Nayn Nation Edit

The Tac Nayn Nation is an evil team - and Tac Nayn is the leader. Some of the other cats are Violet Nayn, Lion Nyan (also known as Jungle King Nayn) and Nyan Waffle, which is Nyan Cat as a temporary member of the Tac Nayn Nation. Nyan Waffle later realizes the evil he had created and goes back to being Nyan Cat.

Nyan Cat's Evil Edit

One day, Nyan Cat was just relaxing, and all of a sudden, a cat so called Violet Nayn came and told Nyan Cat to follow her. Violet Nayn led Nyan Cat to the Tac Nayn Nation's base. Tac Nayn trapped Nyan Cat, as well as replacing his pop tart with a pink waffle. When Violet Nayn took Nyan Cat away, she said "By the power of sprinkles!" The reason that Nyan Cat agreed to become a (temporary) member is because of Lion Nayn's shiny tail that hypnotized Nyan Cat.

Nyan Notes Edit

  • This is made up by CherryPup
  • This should be a version of the game.