Ukrainian Nyan Cat
Nyan piggy
Head Pink with pig snout
Body White with grey specks
Stream Yellow and Blue
The Ukrainian Nyan Cat is a Nyan Cat video on YouTube made by YouTube user "TooSlow ToHandle" and uploaded on the Aug 7, 2011.

This of course, is no nyan cat at all; this "nyan cat" is actually a Nyan Pig. The Nyan Pig flies over Ukraine

The song is the original Nyan Cat song, but the "Nyas" are replaced by pig noises.

The rainbow is only two colors, light blue and yellow, making this a unique rainbow.

Trivia Edit

  • The National Animal for Ukrainians is the Stork, not the pig.
  • Listening carefully, you can hear that the original Nyan Cat theme music in the background is distorted from the vocal remover.
  • There is another version of this Nyan online. It holds a sword and it flies around a city,

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