Starring: Nyan Cat! Donut Pusheen! Smurf Nyan Cat! Tac Nayn! And Toaster Puppy!

(The group is in Nyan Cat's apartment, talking about recruting allies)

Nyan Cat: We need more help.

Smurf Cat: Well who would wanna help?

Donut Pusheen: No one.

Toaster Puppy: Well someone might help.

Pusheen: Like who?

Toaster Puppy: Well....what about American Nyan Cat?

Nyan Cat: He is a local hero.

Pusheen: Yeah he saved Nyan's girlfirend from a burgular.

Nyan Cat: Ok fine umm Pusheen and Smurf, you guys talk to American Nyan Cat, and me and Toaster Puppy will find someone else.

Smurf Cat: Ok.

(Smurf Cat and Pusheen head out to find American Nyan Cat)

Nyan Cat: Ok let's go.

Toaster Puppy: Kay.

(They also head out)

.......Meanwhile in Germany, Tac Nayn and Rasta Cat are looking for Nazi Nyan Cat.

Tac Nayn: Where is he?!

Rasta Cat: I don't know, mon!

Tac Nayn: Well you have to know!

Rasta Cat: -_-

(Nazi Nyan Cat walks up to them)

Nazi Cat: Move peasents.

Tac Nayn: No. (Tac Nayn grabs Nazi Cat and flies him up to a tall building, where he sets him down)

Nazi Cat: You are going to pay-

Tac Nayn: Quiet!

Nazi Cat: What do you want?

Tac Nayn: To rule the world, my friend.

Nazi Cat: Well get in line!

Tac Nayn: I am far more powerful then you. I can destroy your entire army. And I would like you and your army to help me achieve my goal.

Nazi Cat: Why would I do that?

Tac Nayn: Becuase if we succeed, you can rule a half of the earth.

Nazi Cat: Under your command?

Tac Nayn: If not I can always kill you. Either way, your amry will be mine.

Nazi Cat: Fine.

Tac Nayn: I'm glad this could go down without bloodshed.

Nazi Cat: Let's get back down.

(They fly back down)

....Meanwhile, Pusheen and Smurf Cat are talking with American Nyan Cat.

American Cat: Fine, I will help you.

Pusheen: Yes!

(It shows Melon Bird on a nearby roof, watching them)

First Appearences:


Nazi Nyan Cat


American Nyan Cat


Melon Bird

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