Starring: Nyan Cat! Donut Pusheen! Smurf Nyan Cat! Tac Nayn! And Toaster Puppy!

(The group along with American Cat are at Nyan's apartment, discussing the plans)

American Cat: I say we find this guy and then attack him head on!

Nyan Cat: Well first we have to find him. Let's focus on that.

Toaster Puppy: We should go look for him then and quit talking.

Pusheen Maybe we shou-

(Someone knocks on the door)

Nyan Cat: I'll get it.

(Nyan Cat walks over to the door and opens it)

Nyan Cat: Hey, sweety.

(His girlfriend (Ms. Nyan Cat) is at the door)

Ms. Nyan: Hey, how are you?

Nyan Cat: Umm good, come in.

....Meanwhile in Germany, Tac Nayn and Nazi Cat are in a room in Nazi Cat's private HQ.

Tac Nayn: I would like you to call in your soldiers.

Nazi Cat: Fine.

(Nazi Cat picks up a phone)

Nazi Cat: Hello Colonel. ...... Ok bring some soldiers to the private headquarters. Yes, now!

(Nazi Cat hangs up the phone)

Nazi Cat: They will be here soon.

Tac Nayn: Ok good. Now we must get a ship.

Nazi Cat: A ship? Why do we need a boat?

Tac Nayn: A spaceship. You must have something.

Nazi Cat: Well.... My scientist are working on a very powerful war machine.

Tac Nayn: Pefect.

(5 Nyan Cat German soldiers walk in)

Soldier 1: Reporting for duty, sir! (He salutes him)

Nazi Cat: At ease, soldier.

Soldier 2: Who is that guy? (He points to Tac Nayn)

Tac Nayn: I'm Tac Nayn, your worst nightmare.

Nazi Cat: Soldiers.... Kill him!

(Nazi Cat runs out of the way as the soldiers start firing at Tac Nayn)

Tac Nayn: Pathetic.

(The bullets all bounce off of Tac Nayn)

Soldier 4: He's to strong!

Tac Nayn: Got that right. (Tac Nayn flies to Soldier 4 and grabs him and slams him into the ground, killing him)

Soldier 5: Ahh! (Soldier 5 starts running away as Nazi Cat shoots him in the back of the head)

Nazi Cat: Coward!

Soldier 2: Die!

(Soldier 2 runs over to Tac Nayn and tackles him)

Tac Nayn: Fool! (Red lasers fly out of Tac's eyes and shoot right through Soldier 2, killing him)

Soldier 3: Jeez! (Tac Nayn kills Soldier 3 with his laser eyes)

Soldier 1: I surrender!

(Nazi Cat stands up and walks over to Tac Nayn)

Nazi Cat: You are strong.

Tac Nayn: Yes. (Yellow energy surrounds Tac as he fires it at Soldier 1, killing him)

Nazi Cat: Ok now to show you my war machine.

Tac Nayn: Magnificent.

(They leave)

First Appearences:

Mrs.Nyan Cat

Ms. Nyan Cat

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